Mould For Motorcycle Helmet

Mould For Motorcycle Helmet

Mould For Motorcycle Helmet,focus on satisfying quality in all work.
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Mould For Motorcycle Helmet

Design Center

Design is the foundation of the product. A good design make the less of the repair work. Our design department has advanced CAD/CAE software, you can send us file like . We are the most suitable midwife of your great ideas! We can also put out a complete 2D and 3D mold blueprint according to the products provided by customers. You can send us the file in format of IGES, DXF, DWG, STP, X_T, PRT, etc or you could send us handwrite drawing or original sample is fine as well.

1.Cooling design

One of the most important aspects of mold design is the cooling system. It plays a critical role in the final part quality and productivity. In the molding process, long cooling times mean long cycle times. Short cooling times mean short cycle times.

Designing the right cooling system for the part will ensure optimum cycle times – the cooling time should not be limited by the cooling design it should be limited by the part design. Thicker wall sections will naturally have longer cooling times.

With proper cooling design, the mold will be capable of cooling down during the mold opening and closing stages. That means that the water channel distance from the molding surfaces and the distance between the cooling channels is critical.

2.Runner design

Runner design includes both cold runner and hot runner designs. Which is better? Both have their place and the one chosen depends upon the part design, molder capabilities, production quantities and mold price.

High volume, thin walled parts such as food containers use hot runners. To be competitive in thin wall high production quantities are necessary so fast cycle times and high cavitation is required. Hot runners can only achieve this.

To design molds for thin walled parts an injection mold designer who specializes in this type of tooling is required. Do not use a designer who only has experience with general-purpose moulding.

Cold runners are suitable for single cavity or multi cavity moulds with low to medium production requirements. Cold runners make colour change quick and easy as the runner is ejected between each cycle. Hot runners take time to change color.

The narrow and shallow portion of the runner as it enters the cavity is called the gate.


3.Ejection design

Part quality and productivity will suffer with a poorly designed ejector system. A good design will produce parts consistently and at optimal cycle times.

The mold will run fully automatically without the need for human intervention. This means the molder is operating efficiently and able to stay competitive by delivery on time and producing at minimal cost.

Common ejector systems use ejector pins, stripper rings or air pressure. The system used depends upon the part design, plastic material, mold price, production quantity requirements and machine capability.


A sprue is a channel through which a molten plastic material is being injected from the nozzle of the injection machine into the mold. It has a smooth, round, tapered wall to allow smooth material flow.

Runner System

Runners are channels where material flows from the sprue to the cavities.

Conventional Runner


Improved Runner


Balanced Runner: Resin is evenly distributed throughout the cavities. Volume and condition is the same. There is more material used because the total runner length is longer compared to the other two.


Hot Runner or sometimes called runnerless, can be more economical in high volume injection molding.

About Company

Aoxu Mould Factory has been keeping up with international advanced mold technology since its inception, has CNC machining center, coordinate measuring instrument such as precision machining and testing of advanced equipment and professional knowledge, design mold development, experienced production staff, able to skillfully use a variety of software products for users analysis, design and mold design, production. Our factory has perfect quality control and after-sale service quality tracking system. The utility model can be used to order moulds for users, drawings and samples, and can provide users with plastic parts processing, equipment matching and related technical processes. Our manufacturing mold types are: daily necessities mold, bottle cap mold, blow molding mold, etc.. Daily necessities are racks, molds, boxes, molds, thin wall molds, blue sub mold, turnover box mold, garbage cans mold, etc.. Especially racks, molds and wall molds, we already have very mature manufacturing technology. Blow molding die: mold, mold and toolbox, mold, etc.. Our plastic molds sell well all over the country, and exported to France, Russia, the United States, Saudi Arab, Spain, Egypt, India, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

The factory in line with: 0010010 quot;safety first, quality first, efficiency first, customer first 0010010 quot; business purposes. In the field of plastic mold has made some achievements, and won praise at home and abroad customers. Huangyan peak mould factory

Welcome new and old customers! Looking forward to sincere cooperation, hand in hand, mutual benefit and win-win.

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